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Below you will find the testing scenarios and videos of 2 testers of the platform. 

After following along watching, flow to the Evaluation for insights and key takeaways from this usability study.


Scenario 1:

  • You want to take a look at the way your business has been performing over the last month.

    • Choose the Dates November 1st to December 1st.

    • During this time period, find out which city had the most visitors to your site

    • Click on that city to learn more about the users from that area

      • Of those users we want to see what pages

      • Find the 13th most visited page

Scenario 2:

  • Now you’d like to take a closer look at the activity this past week.

    • Change the date to show this past week (December 2nd - 8th)

    • How were most users referred to your site?

      • Of those who referred from that site, which day had the most traffic?

Scenario 3:

  • You would like to take a closer look at your audience from last week and how they are looking at your site.

    • Go to Audience Overview

    • Add both New User and Mobile Device to your dashboard

    • What percent of mobile users were new?

    • How many total mobile users were using Apple Devices?

User 1

User 2

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